Harz, Wernigerode, Quedlinburg 哈茨山,韦尔尼格罗德,奎德林堡

During christmas holidays I traveled to the small town Wernigerode on the northeastern flank of the Harz Mountains in central Germany. I also visited the nearby town Quedlinburg. Both towns are old in history and very picturesque. The Harz Mountains itself are a beautiful place for hiking and enjoying nature.

圣诞节期间,我前往德国中部的哈茨山脉东北侧的韦尔尼格罗德小镇。 我也参观了附近的奎德林堡镇。 这两个城镇历史悠久,风景如画。 哈茨山脉本身是远足和享受大自然的美丽场所。